Närko’s chassis are manufactured, surface treated and assembled from start to finish on a modern assembly line according to high quality requirements. We offer a wide range of well-thought-out solutions specially designed for Nordic conditions.

All our chassis are equipped with Närko’s own electrical systems, developed from the offshore industry, to ensure functionality even in the most challenging weather conditions.

Swap body trailers

We offer a wide selection of swap body trailers (demountable trailers) for different models. The trailers have been developed in cooperation with our customers over the years, resulting in smart, comparatively lightweight and durable solutions for most types of interchangeable containers and chassis, which all meet Nordic and European standards.


All of our own trailers and superstructures are of course built on a Närko chassi. Thanks to the high quality, Närkos chassis has become well-known on the market and are also used by other trailer-manufacturing companies.

Container trailers

Närko’s selection of trailers for container transportation consists of a wide range of flexible and tailor-made models. These are built in accordance to international regulations. The construction is especially suitable for heavy containers.